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Sino-Auto Technology Partner Equity Incentive Granting Ceremony
On the afternoon of March 29, 2019, Sino-Auto Technology ushered in an important moment, Partners Equity Incentive Granting Ceremony. Accompanied by lawyers, the presidents of the office, Fang Jianming, Shen Jie and Ma Jun attended the ceremony. The outstanding employees who were granted equity were four people, namely Engineering Department Li Yanbo, Liu Guolin, Zhang Yingchao, and Purchasing Department Yang Yong, who together became partners in the shareholding platform of Guangzhou Sino-Auto Technology Co., Ltd. Shen Jian, a legal representative, personally signed a contract with three outstanding employees and issued a certificate of equity award (Zhang Yingchao failed to arrive at the scene due to a business trip).

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Sino-Auto technology is specialized in pneumatic conveying and bulk material handling, and providing research and engineering services in this field. With the forefront of the dilute phase and the dense phase conveying technology, we provide customers with customized conveying system and total package engineering services. Thanks for technical advantage and rich professional experience of bulk material handling technology in industries of chemical, food, pharmaceutical, and new energy, we are honored to become the most recommended supplier for the global top 500 enterprises, and won a good reputation in the industry. Our clients include: BP, SABIC, Bayer, DuPont, Exxon Mobil, P&G, Kraft foods, Datang international, Tianjin Dagu chemical, Shenhua group, Wanhua group, Zhanwang and other famous companies.

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